Our Hunts - Wild Boar Hunting
Trophy class feral hogs thrive on the Nail Ranch, none of which are released or under high fence. No dogs are used on our hunts; we simply hunt, spot and stalk. You will arrive in camp just before sun-up on the day of your hunt where you will be greeted by your guide, take care of the necessary paperwork and then begin your hunt. Upon completion we will help you with your taxidermy and processing needs.

Included in your hunt: one full day of hunting, guide service (2X1), and one hog. Additional hogs may be taken for a trophy fee.

If small eating size hogs are what you're looking for, only sows will be taken. No young boars will be harvested.

We welcome rifle, archery, handgun, and black powder hunters to experience the thrill of hunting this rugged animal. All hog hunts are guided.

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