Our Hunts


Whitetail Hunting

Trophy Buck Hunt - The Nail Ranch has an excellent, healthy population of Whitetail deer. All buck hunts are fully guided (one guide per two hunters). Our staff will field dress your game, and cape the head to the ears in preparation for the taxidermist.



Wild Boar Hunts

Trophy class feral hogs thrive on the Nail Ranch, none of which are released or under high fence. We welcome rifle, archery, handgun, and black powder hunters to experience the thrill of hunting this rugged animal.


 Rio Grande Turkey Hunts. Turkey Hunts.

 Full Service Rio Grande Turkey Hunt - The Nail Ranch is home to a large number of Rio-Grande turkeys.              

 No Frills Spring Turkey Hunt - This hunt is designed for the do-it-yourself hunter.

 Varmint Hunts

 Coyotes & Bobcats are plentiful on the Nail


Bobwhite Quail Hunting

Inquire about our season leases.

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